Quick Answer: Which theory of emotion is most consistent with the phrase I am afraid because I am shaking?

Which theory of emotion is most consistent with the phrase I am afraid because I am shaking group of answer choices?

According to the James–Lange theory, the person would begin to shake and then experience the shaking behavior as fear: “I feel afraid because I am shaking” (see Transparency Master 4.1 for illustration).

Which theory of emotion would claim that we feel afraid because we tremble?

James-Lange Theory:

William James (1842-1910): “We feel afraid because we tremble, sorry because we cry.” The James-Lange theory states that emotion is our conscious awareness of our physiological responses to stimuli. Human body responses run parallel to the cognitive responses rather than causing them.

What theory of emotion is fear?

According to the James–Lange theory of emotion, you would experience a feeling of fear only after this physiological arousal had taken place. Different arousal patterns would be associated with different feelings.

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What is an example of James-Lange theory?

The James-Lange theory states that stimulating events trigger a physical reaction. The physical reaction is then labeled with a corresponding emotion. For example, if you run into a snake, your heart rate increases. James-Lange theory suggests that the increase in heart rate is what makes us realize we’re afraid.

Which statement is most consistent with the James-Lange Theory?

Which statement is most consistent with the James-Lange theory of emotion? “I’m happy because I laugh.”

How does the James Lange theory of emotions describe the relationship between trembling and fear?

How might the James-Lange theory of emotion describe the relationship between fear and trembling? We feel afraid because we tremble. … Winona has a great deal of trouble determining the amount of fear that someone is experiencing based on his or her facial expressions.

What is the name of the theory that states that all bodily brain responses to stressors are the same quizlet?

The Cannon-Bard theory asserts that we have a conscious/cognitive experience of an emotion at the same time as our body is responding, not afterward.

What is the primary source of emotional expression?

Emotions can be expressed verbally (through words and tone of voice) or by using nonverbal communication, including the use of body language or facial expressions. Body language such as a slouched posture or crossed arms can be used to send different emotional signals.

What is Lazarus appraisal theory?

Lazarus proposes a multidimensional appraisal theory of emotion, where an appraisal is an evaluation of an external event. His theory of emotion can be broken down into a sequence: (1) cognitive appraisal, (2) physiological response, and (3) action.

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What is Cannon Bard theory of emotion?

The Cannon-Bard theory states that the lower part of the brain, also called the thalamus, controls your experience of emotion. At the same time, the higher part of the brain, also called the cortex, controls the expression of emotion. It is believed that these two parts of the brain react simultaneously.

What is Schachter Singer theory of emotion?

the theory that experiencing and identifying emotional states are functions of both physiological arousal and cognitive interpretations of the physical state.