Question: What jobs can you get with a Cert IV in mental health?

What can you do with a Certificate IV in Mental Health?

Work collaboratively with other services. Understand trauma care. Respond to crises. Support people experiencing mental illness and psychiatric disability.

Career opportunities:

  • Mental Health worker.
  • Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker.
  • Mental Health Intake Officer.
  • Mental Health Outreach Worker.

What can I do with a mental health qualification?

There is a wide range of positions within the mental health sector that will require you to work closely with the individual such as:

  • Mental Health Counsellor.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Mental Health Social Worker.
  • Mental Health Nurse.
  • Psychologist.
  • Elderly Care Worker.
  • Mental Health Advocate.

Are Certificate IV worth it?

A Certificate IV or Diploma is a higher level of vocational education and training, and can be a good way to hone your technical, problem solving and decision making skills. These are more in-depth qualifications than a Certificate III and are designed to prepare you for specialist roles or supervisory positions.

What is Certificate IV in Disability?

Course Overview

The Certificate IV in Disability reflects the role of workers in a range of community settings and client’s homes, who provide: training and support in a manner that empowers people with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence, self-reliance, community participation and wellbeing.

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Can I work in mental health without a degree?

The mental health industry is a growing field within healthcare and there are a variety of jobs to support patients and medical staff, even without a higher education degree. Some mental health jobs without a college degree require previous experience, licensing or certification or offer entry-level salaries.

What are the highest paying jobs in mental health?

The 9 Highest Paying Psychology Careers

  • Psychiatrist. Average Salary: $216,090 per year. …
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. Average Salary: $102,530. …
  • Neuropsychologist. Average Salary: $90,460 per year. …
  • Clinical Psychologist. …
  • Engineering Psychologist. …
  • Counseling Psychologist. …
  • Forensic Psychologist. …
  • School Psychologist.

How do I get a job with a mental illness?

How to Get a Job Despite Your Mental Health Condition

  1. Think about what you need. Looking for work takes a lot of effort and energy. …
  2. Look at unconventional options. …
  3. Know your worth. …
  4. Show your best self. …
  5. Take things one day at a time. …
  6. Consider whether to disclose. …
  7. Take advantage of accommodations.

What is CERT IV equivalent to?

Certificates III to IV provide more advanced skills and knowledge for a career. Certificate IV is often considered the equivalent of six to 12 months of degree study.

Is a Cert IV easy?

The TAE40116 Cert IV is not simple to complete. Even the much easier, old TAE10, saw a completion rate of about 50% of people actually finish the course.

Is a Cert 4 hard?

The very nature of the VET system that the Cert IV TAE is largely about is also somewhat concrete in nature, and so the free-thinking of higher education is replaced by a more constrained process of thinking within the Cert IV TAE. It is not necessarily harder, but for those who do not expect it, it can be different.

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