Frequent question: What is synaptic pruning in psychology?

What is an example of synaptic pruning?

Synaptic pruning is just one of many changes thought to be going on inside teenagers’ brains. … For example, during adolescence people begin to empathize more with others, and take into account how their actions will affect not just themselves, but people around them.

What does pruning mean in psychology?

n. during various phases of brain development through the onset of puberty, the process in which excess or redundant neurons and synaptic connections are eliminated to enable more efficient neural processing.

What is synaptic pruning quizlet?

Synaptic pruning. A process whereby the synaptic connections in the brain that are frequently used are preserved, and those that are not are lost. Critical Periods. Biologically determined time periods for the development of skills.

What is synaptic pruning IB psychology?

The connection between two dendrites is called a synapse and the connections between the synapses is how information travels around our brain (as we saw in the above baseball example). … Synaptic pruning happens when we lose these synaptic connections because we do not need them.

What is the pruning process?

Pruning Process refers to the normally occurring process that change and reduce the number of neurons, synapses and axons that exist within the brain and nervous system.

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What is synaptic pruning in schizophrenia?

7. An abnormal increase in synaptic pruning generally implies that a normal complement of synapses is formed during development followed by an excess of elimination. But apparent “pruning” could also occur because of decreased development and stabilization of synapses.

What is the role of synaptic pruning?

Synaptic pruning is a natural process that occurs in the brain between early childhood and adulthood. During synaptic pruning, the brain eliminates extra synapses. … Synaptic pruning is our body’s way of maintaining more efficient brain function as we get older and learn new complex information.

What is the purpose of synaptic pruning quizlet?

What is synaptic pruning? The process of reducing unnecessary synaptic connections. Synaptic pruning results in elimination in dendrites and spines, the neurons don’t die the connections just cease to exist.

Why does pruning occur quizlet?

In the first 15 months of life, a surplus of synapses are formed. So much so that weak or unused connections are eliminated in a process called synaptic pruning to allow for more efficient brain activity. This tends to occur first in sensory areas and last in association areas.

What is nerve proliferation and pruning quizlet?

During adolescence, your brain undergoes proliferation and pruning, which is essentially a process of changing the number of connections/synapses between nerve cells. Gray matter thickens during this time as the neurons grow bushier, creating new pathways for nerve signals.