Best answer: Why does the Hydra have a diffused nervous system?

Why does a Hydra need a nervous system?

The nervous system plays a central role in the host-microbiome crosstalk. Neurons secrete antimicrobial peptides (N-AMPs) and regulate the density, species composition, and spatial localization of the Hydra-associated microbial community.

Why do cnidarians have diffused nervous system?

Answer: Because pin the cnidarian body, the nerve net serves as a sensory locator neuron cell stretch all around the animals body and allow the cnidarian to detect chemical change ,to capture prey, and to move in response to stimulus.

What does it mean to have a diffuse nervous system?

The diffuse nervous system is the most primitive nervous system. In diffuse systems nerve cells are distributed throughout the organism, usually beneath the outer epidermal layer. … Diffuse systems are found in cnidarians (hydroids, jellyfish, sea anemones, corals) and in ctenophores, or comb jellies.

How does the Hydra nervous system work?

The hydra has a nervous system characterized by a nerve net. A nerve net is a collection of separate, but “connected” neurons. Neurons are connected by synapse. Communication between neurons can be in both directions at the synapse within a nerve net.

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Does a hydra have a nervous system?

The nervous system of Hydra is a nerve net, which is structurally simple compared to more derived animal nervous systems. Hydra does not have a recognizable brain or true muscles. Nerve nets connect sensory photoreceptors and touch-sensitive nerve cells located in the body wall and tentacles.

How the neural system of Hydra is different from the neural system of an insect class 11?

For example, in Hydra it is composed of a network of neurons. The neural system is better organised in insects, where a brain is present along with a number of ganglia and neural tissues. The vertebrates have a more developed neural system.

What kind of nervous system is seen in Hydra earthworm and cockroach?

In Hydra, the nervous system is in the form of nerve net, while in earthworm and cockroach the nervous system is ganglionated.

How does the nervous system use diffusion?

Diffusion plays a crucial role in brain function. … Besides delivering glucose and oxygen from the vascular system to brain cells, diffusion also moves informational substances between cells, a process known as volume transmission.

What type of nervous system is typical for Coelenterates?


Present-day coelenterates include the Cnidaria (e.g., hydroids, jellyfish, sea anemones, corals) and the Ctenophora (combjellies). They have the simplest nervous system in the animal kingdom, possessing diffuse nerve nets and epithelial electrical conduction.