Best answer: What are Standardised procedures in psychology?

What is a standardized procedure in psychology?

Standardisation refers to the process in which procedures used in research are kept the same. Great attention is taken to keep all elements of a procedure identical.

What is meant by Standardised procedures?

Standardised procedures are established actions the experimenter takes to reduce the chances of bias occurring in the results. In a controlled experiment the volume of the music will have to be kept constant throughout the trial. …

What does it mean to Standardise procedures for a research study?

Standardization is a procedure used in science to increase the validity and reliability of research. … Standardized methods facilitate confidence among researchers conforming to them that they and others who also conform are gathering new knowledge about the same empirical phenomena.

What is the purpose of Standardised instructions in psychology?

The instructions given to each participant are kept identical – to help prevent experimenter bias.

What is a strength of Standardised procedure?

Strength: It is easier to replicate (i.e. copy) a laboratory experiment. This is because a standardized procedure is used. Strength: They allow for precise control of extraneous and independent variables. This allows a cause and effect relationship to be established.

What is non Standardised instructions and procedures in psychology?

 Non-standardised instructions/procedures means they are not the same for all participants  If instructions/procedures are not standardised then they are not controlling for variables  Procedures involve participant selection/use of materials/data collection and recording etc.

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