Where are somatic sensory signals processed?

Where do sensory signals go in the brain?

Located in the central part of the brain, the thalamus processes and coordinates sensory messages, such as touch, received from the body.

Where do sensory signals come from?

The initialization of sensation stems from the response of a specific receptor to a physical stimulus. The receptors which react to the stimulus and initiate the process of sensation are commonly characterized in four distinct categories: chemoreceptors, photoreceptors, mechanoreceptors, and thermoreceptors.

Where are somatic sensory signals processed quizlet?

information reaches the sensory processing center in the cerebrum or cerebellum.

Is the area where sensory information gets processed?

Thalamus: The thalamus is the relay center of the brain. It receives afferent impulses from sensory receptors located throughout the body and processes the information for distribution to the appropriate cortical area.

Is there a place in the brain where sensory signals are converted into motor signals?

The thalamus is a structure in the forebrain that serves as a clearinghouse and relay station for sensory (as well as motor) signals. When the sensory signal exits the thalamus, it is conducted to the specific area of the cortex dedicated to processing that particular sense.

How does the brain process sensory signals accurately?

The brain processes sensory signals accurately by receiving electrical signals from the nerves. It will process inaccurately when chemical substances interfere.

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