What is a positive skew in psychology?

What does it mean to be positively skewed?

In statistics, a positively skewed (or right-skewed) distribution is a type of distribution in which most values are clustered around the left tail of the distribution while the right tail of the distribution is longer.

What is the difference between positively skewed and negatively skewed?

A skewed distribution therefore has one tail longer than the other. A positively skewed distribution has a longer tail to the right: A negatively skewed distribution has a longer tail to the left: … As distributions become more skewed the difference between these different measures of central tendency gets larger.

What is a skewed distribution in psychology?

A skewed distribution is one where frequency data is not spread evenly (i.e. normally distributed); the data is clustered at one end. … Data that is negatively skewed have a long tail that extends to the left.

When data are positively skewed the mean will usually be?

When data is positively skewed, the mean is greater than the median and the mode.

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