What month is Mental Health Awareness Month UK?

Is there a month for mental health?

Mental Health Month is celebrated each year in the month of October in NSW.

Is October National Mental Health Awareness Month?

October Is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, & ADHD Awareness Month, & So Much More! October is filled with a focus on mental health education and depression awareness.

How do you observe mental health Month?

7 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Attend a Virtual Discussion about Mental Health.
  2. Apply to the Starting Point Ambassador Program.
  3. Get Certified in Mental Health First Aid.
  4. Donate to Support Mental Health.
  5. Share Your Mental Health Story.
  6. Take a Mental Health Screen.

Is June an awareness month?

Children’s Awareness Month falls in June, as do Student Safety Month and Potty Training Awareness Month. … For family members who enjoy sports, June also is Sports America Kids Month and Women’s Golf Month.

Is there a National Depression Awareness Day?

National Depression Awareness Day – October 7th, 2021.

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