What is a somatic reflex?

What is an example of a somatic reflex?

This occurs when a nerve pathway connects directly to the spinal cord. Examples of reflex actions include: Jerking your hand back after accidentally touching a hot pan. Involuntary jerking when your doctor taps on your knee.

What is a somatic reflex quizlet?

Fast, voluntary and predictable (stereotyped) sequence of actions by glands or muscles that occurs in response to a particular stimulus. … If the reflex involves the contraction of skeletal muscle as the effector it is called a somatic reflex.

What is somatic response?

Explanation: The somatic nervous system is the nervous system responsible for voluntary control of muscles. … A motor response is when the muscle moves when prompted by the nervous system.

Is gag reflex somatic or autonomic?


Term Somatic Reflexes are… Definition 1)Abdominal Reflex 2)Achilles Reflex 3)Corneal Reflex 4)Crossed-Extensor Reflex 5)Gag Reflex 6)Plantar Reflex 7)Patellar Reflex
Term Autonomic Reflexes are… Definition 1)Ciliospinal Reflex 2)Pupillary Light Reflex
Term Ciliospinal Reflex Definition Sympathetic

Which is a somatic stimulus of a somatic reflex?

Somato-somatic reflex – occurs when somatic stimuli produce patterns of reflex activity in segmentally related somatic structures. For example, neurons in the spinal cord may receive abnormal levels of afferent activity from muscle spindles as a result of injury.

What is true about somatic reflexes?

Somatic reflexes include all reflexes that stimulate skeletal muscles. An example of such a reflex is the rapid withdrawal of your foot from a piece of glass you have just stepped on.

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Is somatic the same as sympathetic?

The sympathetic nervous system responds to external stimuli by preparing the body for fight or flight and the somatic nervous system responds to external stimuli (by carrying information from sensory receptors to the spinal cord and brain).