What are feature detectors AP Psychology?

What is a feature detector in psychology?

any of various hypothetical or actual mechanisms within the human information-processing system that respond selectively to specific distinguishing features.

What are feature detectors in the eye?

The three major groups of so-called feature detectors in visual cortex include simple cells, complex cells, and hypercomplex cells. … Simple cells are the most specific, responding to lines of particular width, orientation, angle, and position within visual field.

Where are feature detectors located AP Psych?

located in the visual cortex of the brain, are nerve cells that selectively respond to specific visual features, such as movement, shape, or angle. Feature detectors are evidently the basis of visual information processing.

What do feature detectors?

The ability to detect certain types of stimuli, like movements, shape, and angles, requires specialized cells in the brain called feature detectors. Without these, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to detect a round object, like a baseball, hurdling toward you at 90 miles per hour.

What are feature detectors in psychology quizlet?

What are feature detectors? Nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of the stimulus, such as shape, angle, or movement.

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Where are feature detectors located and what is their function?

Feature detectors are neurons in the retina or brain that respond to specific attributes of a stimulus, movement, orientation etc.

What is feature detection in image processing?

Feature detection is a low-level image processing operation. That is, it is usually performed as the first operation on an image, and examines every pixel to see if there is a feature present at that pixel.

What are feature detectors MCAT?

Feature detection: the Feature Detection Theory describes why a particular part of our brain is triggered when we look at something (ie. looking at animals trigger one part of the brain, and looking at words trigger a different part.)

What are rods AP Psychology?

The rods and cones are located in the innermost layer of the retina. … We use cones to see color. Cones are responsible for color and sharpness of vision while rods are used for non-color and dim light. 3. Explain why we can visually perceive the item and at the same time not be able to perceive its color.

What is gate control theory AP?

Gate-control theory posits that the spinal cord contains a “gate” that controls whether pain signals get sent to the brain or not. This “gate” is opened based on the strength of the pain signals from the body.

What is priming AP Psych?

priming. a method used to measure unconscious cognitive processes, such as implicit memory, in which a person is exposed to info. and is later tested to see whether the info. affects behavior or performance on another task or in another situation.

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