How do you write a good behavioral objective?

What is a behavioral objective example?

KNOWLEDGE: remembering previously learned facts. COMPREHENSION: ability to understand or grasp the meaning of material. APPLICATION: ability to use previously learned material in new and concrete situations.

What are the criteria of a good behavioral objective?

It should have a measurable verb (an action verb) It should include a specification of what is given the learner. It should contain a specification of criteria for success or competency.

What are the three parts of a behavioral objective?

A well-constructed behavioral objective describes an intended learning outcome and contains three parts, the behavior verb, the condition, and the measurement criteria.

How do you describe behavior objectively?

Each objective should begin with a verb that describes an observable behavior, such as “describe, summarize, demonstrate, compare, plan, score”, etc. … Verbs in this category include “appreciate, believe, know, learn, realize, think, understand”, and so on.

How do you write a behavioral objective in a lesson plan?

Behavioral objectives that are written for students should have a minimum of three components: an explanation of what’s expected from them, a performance criteria and an explanation of what constitutes an acceptable amount of knowledge of what was taught during the course or lesson.

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What is the need of writing objectives in behavioral terms?

A BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVE is a way of describing the objectives of a training course in terms of what the trainees should be able to do at the end of that training. A BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVE must be stated clearly and precisely so that everyone who reads it will know exactly the desired outcome of the training program.

When writing a behavioral objective it is important to include what the learner is expected to do which of the following is the best learner performance term?

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In writing a behavioral objective, it is important to include the verb that depicts what the learner is expected to do.

Which types of mistakes are commonly made when writing behavioral objectives?

The most frequently encountered errors in writing objectives are the following:

  • Describing what the instructor rather than the learner is expected to do.
  • Including more than one expected behavior in a single objective (avoid using the compound word and to connect two verbs—e.g., the learner will select and prepare)

What is a behavioral objective ABA?


: Precise specification of a goal behavior, including three essential elements. ( 1) Behavior; (2) the givens, situations, context, or conditions under which the behavior is to occur; and (3) the standard of acceptability or criterion level of performance.

What is a behavioral goal?

A behavioral goal is solely focused on what you, and only you, are doing. To hone in on your behavioral goal, think of your outcome goal, and then ask yourself, what would it take for you (not Tom, not Nancy…. you) to achieve this goal? What do you have to do to make it happen? Those actions are your behavioral goals.

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