How do you shape a behavior?

What does it mean to shape a behavior?

Shaping is the use of reinforcement of successive approximations of a desired behavior. Specifically, when using a shaping technique, each approximate desired behavior that is demonstrated is reinforced, while behaviors that are not approximations of the desired behavior are not reinforced.

What is the most effective method for shaping behavior?

Positive reinforcement: rewards or incentives for good behavior. Is often the most effective way to shape behavior.

What is the process of shaping in psychology?

Shaping is using a series of successive reinforcement steps on a subject to get the subject progressively closer and closer to exhibit a target behavior. … Shaping originally arose from a field of psychology known as behaviorism; established by B.F. Skinner through his operant conditioning theory.

What is the best example of shaping?

An example of shaping is when a baby or a toddler learns to walk. They are reinforced for crawling, then standing, then taking one step, then taking a few steps, and finally for walking.

How do you write a shaping procedure?


  1. 1) Choose and define target behavior.
  2. 2) Determine the student’s present level of performance with the skill.
  3. 3) List all the steps to the target behavior.
  4. 4) Start teaching the target behavior with the first step listed.
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What is the first step in shaping?

The shaping process starts with reinforcement of the first approximation, a behavior is currently exhibited by the person. After the fist approximation is strengthened through reinforcement, it is then extinguished. A closer approximation then occurs and is reinforced.

How could shaping be applied in your life?

Shaping is used when you want the student to engage in a certain desirable behavior that is, at present, infrequently or never displayed by him/her. … Shaping allows you to build this desired behavior in steps and reward those behaviors that come progressively closer to the one you have selected as the final goal.

What are shaping guidelines?

Instead of getting upset, use these six guidelines for shaping skills:

  • Think small initially. …
  • Break skills into small steps. …
  • Develop one component of a skill at a time. …
  • Use reinforcement only occasionally, and only for the best examples. …
  • Relax your reward standards. …
  • Go back to the basics.

What is shaping in psychology simple terms?

n. the production of new forms of operant behavior by reinforcement of successive approximations to the behavior (see method of successive approximations).

How does the process of shaping work describe an example?

Shaping is the process of reinforcing successively closer and closer approximations to a desired terminal behavior. … For example, a child learns to pull itself up, to stand, to walk and to finally move about through reinforcement of slightly exceptional instances of behaviors.