is a resource for caring adults—the front-line staff in schools and community based programs—to help teens who are struggling with difficult emotions.
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Addiction (6 found)
All stories originally appeared in Youth Communication magazines: YCteen, which is written by New York City public high school students, and Represent which is written by and for youth in foster care.
A therapist explains how abuse and neglect can lead to isolating behaviors like fighting, cutting, substance abuse as well as more abusive relationships. She also gives practical tips for quitting self-destructive habits. (full text)
After years of rejection from her father, Tameara finally learns that the reason he is so absent is because he is a crack addict. (full text)
The author suffers from the death of her grandmother, her mother's mental illness and withdrawal, and going into foster care. Isaac, first her friend, then her boyfriend, supports her, but she drives him away with her cutting. (full text)
Gia’s been depressed all her life. In therapy, she learns to express her emotions and begins to emerge from her personal darkness. (full text)
Antwaun becomes dependent on drinking and smoking weed to deal with painful emotions, but gradually finds ways to deal with life without being high. (full text)
When students discover he can’t read, Antwaun is teased and called a “crack baby.” (full text)

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