is a resource for caring adults—the front-line staff in schools and community based programs—to help teens who are struggling with difficult emotions.
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Activities For Youth

Have teen readers "talk back" to the writer using writing prompts that promote positive self-talk and interpersonal communication. (full text)

This informal writing activity allows teens to reflect privately and make connections between their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. (full text)

This simple activity, which helps youth connect with their feelings and manage strong emotions, is an easy way to prep teens for other mindfulness practices. (full text)

Regulating strong emotions can be difficult in the moment; this activity helps teens think of self-care strategies so they're prepared for those inevitable tough moments. (full text)

Structured discussion in a community circle helps teens feel heard and respected. Use circle in conjunction with our stories to delve into difficult topics. (full text)

Help teens feel invested in the group--and encourage an inclusive atmosphere--by asking them to decide how you'll work together. (full text)

Try these open-ended questions to guide teens to think about how the themes, emotions, and choices in a story relate to their own lives. (full text)

Show teens how to grow their social and emotional learning skills by building a feelings vocabulary. (full text)

Use stories to help teens understand the needs beneath their feelings. (full text)
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